When times are tight and money is sometimes slow to arrive, many firms, smaller firms especially, as we have seen through our work with engineering and architecture companies, look for every little way to cut costs and run a tight ship, so to speak. The question then becomes something like: “What can we get rid of?” Some firms discontinue employee cell phones. Other’s cut back on even simpler expenses, such as coffee (yes, even coffee isn’t entirely safe). But there are some things companies can actually add in order to save money. One option is to increase telecommuting benefits. Allowing employees to work from home a few extra days each month, for example, can help to shave off a few extra dollars, which certainly adds up. Fewer employees in the office does indeed mean fewer computers fired up and running (which can decrease the need and costs of new or extra electronic equipment in the office), as well as lower utility bills, quite simply, from less power used. It sounds small, and it is, but it can add up to big savings over time.