With Thanksgiving this Thursday, many people have their minds on turkey, travels, family and football. A short workweek leading up to a big holiday can mean a slowdown in workflow. What can be done about this? First, you don’t have to crack the whip on employees excited for festive free time; in fact, that kind of excitement can have a positive impact on the workplace. Rather, firms and managers can offer seasonal incentives during short work weeks such as this one. Set up a points system based on certain objectives for employees to make the workweek not only an exciting short-stretch to time off, but also a fun competition where coworkers can compete in a friendly way. Offer prizes such as a frozen turkey or a holiday ham, tickets to a holiday concert or performance, simple ski passes to local resorts, or even something as simple as scented seasonal candles. Be creative. Ask for employee feedback. Even if such an incentive is set up a day before the break, it can mean a big difference in employee focus, morale, and output.