Estimate the Climate impact of your building…

What is it?

The first GHG accounting standard for estimating:

• Buildings cradle-to-grave GHG emissions
• Buildings GHG emissions reduction performance

The LCB Standard consists of three volumes:

Volume 1: Buildings construction, renovation, deconstruction emissions
Volume 2: Buildings operation emissions
Volume 3: Buildings GHG emissions reporting

What can it be used for?

Estimate and reduce the GHG emissions of your buildings projects. The LCB Standard is also the perfect tool to make your buildings “carbon neutral”.

Why? Who is it for?

Architects, Engineers, Building Owners? The LCB Standard is for you!

Organizations throughout the Planet seek to reduce their GHG emissions. What best and most effective solution than to reduce the emissions associated with their buildings construction and operation?

Where to get the Standard?

Check it out at