To help landscape architects and their clients get a fuller understanding of sustainable practices in residential landscape design, ASLA has aggregated relevant content under four broad headings to serve as central information sources. Each provides links to organizations, research, independent resources, government resources, and exemplary projects relating to specific topics.

  • Sustainable Urban Development takes a step back to put residences in the context of livable, sustainable communities. Issues of sprawl, zoning, brownfields, downtown development, and urban design are explored.
  • Improving Water Efficiency addresses water capture and management at the residential level to reduce stormwater runoff and its taxing effects on community water-management systems while also nurturing gardens and landscapes.
  • Using Low-Impact Materials highlights best practices and options for permeables; certified woods; reclaimed/recycled materials; reflective materials; and adhesives, paints, coatings, and sealants.

Resources were compiled this fall with the help of an intern, Elizabeth Lee, and ASLA will continue to add links as new resources are identified.  Article posted in LANDonline.