If you are an interior designer you may have seen a dramatic drop in business over the past few years. You have more than likely been thinking of ways to ramp up your orders and increase your repeat business. Promotional items are a brilliant way to market your name and tell your clients and customers that you appreciate their business. They are normally imprinted with the information of your organization and therefore can act like a traveling billboard. When you hand promotional products to your customers you are not only saying “thank you”, you are increasing the awareness of your firm and its services.

Being an interior designer, you are most likely a very creative individual and while it is always good to give a promotional gift that is useful, you may want to consider a promotional gift that also novelty-inspired. Promotional pens (with your information imprinted on them) that light up are sure to be memorable. Brightly colored or uniquely shaped mugs and glassware are sure to be used. If you are in a warm or hot climate a personalized promotional mini-fan is a good choice. Of course, the ultimate purpose of a promotional gift is to let more people know about your business and a promotional product that stands out will have a stronger effect.

One of the most unique promotional gifts available today is the custom stress ball. The fun and useful stress toy can be made in shapes that represent you and your business- couches, chairs, or an armoire for example. The stressball is an item that just about everyone will enjoy receiving and people tend to hang on to a stress balls, meaning the memory of you and your firm will be a lasting one. A stressball can even be made with pictures imprinted on them, so it can either be a picture of your smiling face, a log or perhaps your favorite portfilio picture.

Another unique and useful item is the custom USB flash drive. Available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, the personalized USB flash drive is an item your customers are bound to use. The custom USB flash drive can come preloaded with the information of your firm and even contain a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation documenting your portfolio and client testimonials.

You want your firm to grow, and the gift of promotional products can lead to an increase in return customers and client referrals. Although you probably don’t really need the help, it is a good idea to choose a promotional gift company that has the ability to offer ideas in designing and choosing your promotional gift. A quality promotional gift company will also be able to offer you samples of the products so that you can see and feel the item before making the purchase. Make the first step in boosting your business by contacting your online promotional gift company and find out how promotional products can work for you.

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Dan Toombs is Managing Director of CompuGift Limited, a leading UK based supplier of top quality promotional gifts.

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