With the school term over and commencement a few days off, this year’s graduating class at the New York School of Interior Design is about to celebrate their entry into the real world of design, where many of them have been working already, part-time. An exhibition of their thesis projects opened at the school last night, and they included a full spectrum of ambitious environments, from hotels to schools to health-care facilties to recreational spaces to retail facilities, museums, an opera house, and a crematorium. All were designed by repurposing, and often entirely reconstructing, existing buildings to express creative and very individualistic visions.

Notwithstanding their variety, the projects indicated the concern with broader issues–like conserving energy, using sustainable materials, and using design to improve human experience and the quality of life–which speaks well for the graduates and the new generation of designers. Here’s wishing them success in their ventures. We all stand to benefit from their contributions!  Posted in Interior Design.