Faced with an economic downturn in recent years, A/E firms have focused their efforts on attracting new work, even if that means investing money in marketing and business development. According to ZweigWhite’s 2010 Marketing Survey, not only do more than half (58%) of A/E firms prepare a marketing budget, but also, 43% expect to spend more on marketing this year. The study also finds that only 12% of firms responding to the survey plan on a decrease, and 22% indicate they will not make any changes.

“As marketers, we have been defending the marketing function for years and illustrating the strategic need for more,” says Christine Brack, PMP, Principal, ZweigWhite Strategic Advisory Services, who provides an in-depth forward to the 2010 Marketing Survey. “Perhaps now firm leaders see the value and are putting the investment behind it.”

ZweigWhite’s Marketing Survey of A/E & Environmental Consulting Firms is the book that broke new ground in understanding how professional service firms go about the critical business of marketing and selling their services when it was first published in 1994. Now in its 17th edition, it’s still the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on marketing practices of A/E and environmental consulting firms. It covers everything from marketing staff, proposal hit rates, and tracking sales and marketing data to CRM databases, promotional activities, web sites, and marketing spending. This year’s report also includes trend data so you can see what has changed or remained the same over the years.

ZweigWhite is a full-service consulting, information, and education firm specializing in serving the needs of design and construction industry principals and managers.

An electronic report or printed book is available for purchase from ZweigWhite at http://www.zweigwhite.com/p-942-marketing-survey-2010.aspx.

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