Leading integrated infrastructure solutions provider, Synefra Engineering & Construction Limited (a Tanti Group company), today welcomed Mr. Chris Smith, COO – US Green Building Council, to its flagship project Suzlon One Earth, the global headquarters of the Suzlon Group. This project has been honored with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), under license agreement with the USGBC (US Green Building Council).

Speaking on his visit to the facility, Mr. Chris Smith said: “The vision of the US Green Building Council is to usher in a green building movement globally. Projects like Suzlon One Earth mark India’s potential to become the world’s leaders in green buildings. We urge more corporates to participate and build responsibly: it can cost less, is more energy efficient and, crucially, is helping to defeat climate change as well as delivering an awesome working environment.”

Mr. Smith also appreciated Synefra’s approach to sustainable building, which focuses on key areas of human and environmental health, sustainable site development, efficient water, energy and waste methods, materials and resource selection, indoor environmental quality and, most important, innovation and design processes.

The Council’s activities have enabled a market transformation in green building concepts, materials and technologies in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. JR Tanti, Managing Director, Synefra E&C, said: “Sustainable practices are a way of life for us at Synefra; and this is clearly seen in the more than 100 projects we have completed over the past decade. Suzlon One Earth is testament to the transformation in practices and technology which Synefra has brought about in sustainable and green infrastructure.”

Mr. Girish Tanti, Executive Director, Suzlon Energy Limited, said: “Suzlon walks the talk; we are not only providing the world with sustainable green energy solutions but also employing them in our own home. Suzlon One Earth is a major milestone which rewrites many norms in the infrastructure industry. This state of the art facility will be a model not only for corporate India, but to the world over. Synefra has delivered a truly exceptional green campus.”

1888 Press Release.