President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) Initiative, launched this spring, created a national dialogue about conservation and reconnecting Americans with the outdoors. Recently ASLA took the opportunity to help shape the conservation agenda by submitting policy recommendations to AGO.

ASLA’s comments focused on:

  • creating the next generations of urban parks
  • ensuring full and dedicated funding for the land and water conservation fund
  • protecting and preserving our nation’s natural and cultural resources
  • restoring and maintaining the National Mall
  • promoting strategies to help reconnect youth to the outdoors.

To date more than 30 listening sessions, many attended by ASLA members, have been held across the country, bringing together stakeholders from a broad range of perspectives. In addition, thousands of concerned citizens have offered their thoughts online. On November 15, a report will be presented to the president based on recommendations gathered online and at these listening sessions to help develop a 21st-century conservation agenda.

Although the comment period is now officially over, we encourage you to read the ASLA comments, and we thank those members who “voted to promote” them. ASLA will continue to engage with the Obama administration and other stakeholder groups throughout the process to demonstrate ASLA’s continued commitment to assist Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, National Parks Director Jon Jarvis, Honorary ASLA, and committed employees of the Department of the Interior in preserving and protecting our treasured American landscapes.

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