The Chinese Academy of Science admits that “shortage of water is becoming one of the biggest obstacles for sustainable economic development.” I read a statistic recently that stated that at their current rate of growth, China’s annual energy production (coal-fired alone) will demand more water than physically exists in the country by 2030.

Something’s gonna give. I think we need to watch this closely.

It seems doubtful that China will allow this most serious challenge to halt its economic momentum; rather, it is far more likely that it will demand solutions. This is a very interesting time, indeed.

The conditions appear to be right for China to potentially emerge as a technological forerunner in water/energy conservation and technological innovation. Is it possible that the some of the planet’s most significant new water technologies, will emerge from China in the coming years? They have Universities, they have money, they have an agenda and they have a powerful machine in motion. They have economic inertia.

Lets say this prediction comes true. Lets say that China develops the “NASA” of water technology innovation out of economic necessity. Are there implications to this?

I think so, and they may be quite significant.