Hutker Architects, Inc. is pleased to announce The Boston Society of Architecture Honor Award for Unbuilt Architecture Design 2010 for The Retreat House in Truro, MA

Hutker Architects team  Mark Hutker, AIA, Principal, Charles Orr, AIA, Principal, Matt Schiffer, Architect, Associate, Evan Hutker, Designer and Alyssa Keating, Deisgner, designed one of the four Honor Award winning projects in the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Awards. Created to honor and promote excellent design, the competition calls for purely theoretical or unbuilt architectural designs of any project type. The project is called Retreat House and features a house designed for the coast that incorporates recycled railroad box cars and tracks as its foundation. The tracks stretch back 230 feet, and the premise is that the house, with all of its resulting sewage mechanical and underground connections, can be moved back, or retreated, when necessary to prevent coastal erosion from claiming the structure.

Unlike the other winning entries, this project was actually presented as an option to a client with property that is eroding at 5-10’ per year.  The retreat concept would have allowed the house to reside at the exciting precipice and able to be pulled back to safety.  The option the client chose, currently under construction, is located inland two generations.