Session Learning Objectives

1. Analyze the root causes of inefficiency in your own practice

2. Use technology as a communications tool, connecting team members more productively

3. Use process innovation to enhance quality, reduce risk, and increase profitability

4. Integrate the various perspectives (O, AE, CM) that drive project teams

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Understanding Inefficiency and Creating Meaningful Change

During the session, Bernstein, Simpson, and Tocci will explore the root causes of inefficiency in the AEC industry and how meaningful change can occur.

Bernstein emphasizes that the increased use of BIM in today’s practice necessitates collaboration with engineers and contractors. “Now you have a working prototype of a building…a prediction of what’s going to happen and we want to be able to work together to test our assumptions and understand the implications of decisions.”

BIM allows the owners an easier understanding of visuals of the building than two-dimensional drawings bringing them into the process much earlier than in the past. Similarly, the prevalence of IPD is bringing in contractors, suppliers, and construction management firms to all stages of the process to track costs and schedules simultaneously.

Simpson stresses that in a trillion dollar industry that is about 30% inefficient, “the ratio of waste to value should be reconfigured to free up billions of dollars of asset values for owners and practitioners.”

In Simpson’s own practice, BIM, IPD, and LEED certification have all become the standard form. Architects are on the cusp of fully embracing these revolutionary practices, yet still clinging to outdated methods of practice that are weighing on an industry already hard hit by the recession.

“Twenty years ago when you went to an airport, everyone carried their bag even though wheels had been around for thousands of years. You put the two ideas together and you’ve reconfigured the entire luggage industry, simple but powerful ideas, much more effective, efficient and exciting for everyone.”

About the Session

Changing the Playbook: New Collaborative Strategies for the AEC Industry

Presenters: Philip Bernstein, FAIA, RIBA, LEED AP; Scott Simpson, FAIA, LEED AP; and John Tocci

Date: May 18, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Learning Units: 1.5 LU