The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is advocating for Congress to introduce and pass the National Design Services Act because it can make a genuine difference in the careers of young architects and emerging professionals across the country.

Not only would the proposed legislation provide student loan assistance for architects that contribute their design abilities to community design centers across the country; it also is energizing a new generation of architects to advocate for their profession.

Evan Litvin, an emerging professional with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Philadelphia has taken NDSA advocacy a step further, developing a petition in support of the NDSA and asking others to sign on. He felt compelled to become more active in supporting this effort as a young professional. “I think this is an excellent opportunity for students and young architects. It shows me how in touch the AIA is with the issues and needs of the younger members of our field.” He added, “In an effort to show support for the AIA in getting the NDSA passed, I started a petition on I believe that the more people who know about this bill, the better chance it has of becoming a reality.”

Evan’s NDSA Petition on speaks about the issue from the perspective of an emerging professional facing student debt concerns. “I believe that the NDSA would support city and community efforts by mobilizing young talent looking for work, of which there is an abundance, and allowing them to work on projects that will have a real impact,” he writes on the petition site.

He believes that not only is the NDSA good policy, but that it promotes ideas that are an important aspect of the field of architecture. “The experience that the NDSA promotes would not only help young architects land jobs, but make them more grounded and community minded.” He added, “Through organizations like the Community Design Collaborative, the NDSA can help channel that energy to community focused projects.”

To support Evan’s efforts, go to NDSA Petition on to become a signatory to this petition. After signing the petition, the most effective way to help with this initiative is by meeting with your members of Congress and their staff in person about the NDSA. You don’t have to travel to Washington, D.C. to do so – meetings can be held right in your hometown!

There are still recesses remaining this year to get a meeting scheduled. The AIA has even provided the tools you need to make the scheduling process as easy as possible. You can submit your scheduling request using the language in our draft request form, and brush up on the 7 Easy Steps to Scheduling an In-district Meeting. There are even prepared talking points to help guide you through your meeting.

The NDSA can become a reality with the help of emerging professionals – join Evan and make your mark by scheduling a meeting today.

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