Texas A&M College of Architecture & Greater University Diversity Recruiting program was a collaboration supported by, Dr. Leslie Feigenbaum, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, TAMU College of Architecture, and Joe Pettibon II, Associate Vice President for Academic Services, TAMU Provost’s Office. In this initial year, the goal of the program was to:

  • Advertise & market the array of TAMU undergraduate & graduate programs to African-American students and parents, especially those within the College of Architecture
  • Initiate relationships with schools, colleges, and programs that serve African-American students in order to develop a recruitment pipeline of potential students
  • Increase African-American student participation in the College of Architecture’s CampARCH program

The program was implemented and executed by Edward L. Tarlton, doctoral student in Urban & Regional Science, within the Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Department, of the College of Architecture, member of the College of Architecture’s Diversity Council, and Regional Director for the Texas A&M Black Former Student Network, Bryan/College Station.