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We at GCA International would like to wish all of our families and friends, clients and colleagues a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. For many this week officially marks the start of the holiday season, which traditionally marks a period of increased challenges for those firms looking to hire top-talent professionals, especially in the engineering and architecture industries. Even some job seekers tend to slow down their search this time of year, caught up what can be the hectic hustle and bustle of the holidays. Firms that take a proactive approach to actively recruit new hires early on in the holiday season always benefit in the new year.

Enjoy Turkey Day, everyone! Best wishes from all of us here at GCA International!

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, many people have their minds on turkey, travels, family and football. A short workweek leading up to a big holiday can mean a slowdown in workflow. What can be done about this? First, you don’t have to crack the whip on employees excited for festive free time; in fact, that kind of excitement can have a positive impact on the workplace. Rather, firms and managers can offer seasonal incentives during short work weeks such as this one. Set up a points system based on certain objectives for employees to make the workweek not only an exciting short-stretch to time off, but also a fun competition where coworkers can compete in a friendly way. Offer prizes such as a frozen turkey or a holiday ham, tickets to a holiday concert or performance, simple ski passes to local resorts, or even something as simple as scented seasonal candles. Be creative. Ask for employee feedback. Even if such an incentive is set up a day before the break, it can mean a big difference in employee focus, morale, and output.

We’re well on our way into the fourth quarter of 2009, and that means the holiday season is soon approaching. What does this mean for recruiting top-talent professionals? Traditionally, the holiday season is a challenging time for companies to attract, recruit, and attain these prime candidates, as many are anxiously awaiting holiday bonuses, vacations, and company holiday parties. How can hiring firms overcome such seasonal challenges? The first step is to start seeking out these individuals early on in this part of the year. Offer invites to prospective hires to attend your company’s holiday parties as a means to introduce these candidates to companies employees and allow them to get a sense of your company culture. Counter holiday bonus resistance with holiday sign-on bonuses to new hires. And allow for first-of-the-year start dates for hires made before the holiday season is over to allow the candidate time off.

In today’s electronic world, recruiting goes beyond phone calls. Social media tools are used more and more by businesses not only for brand building and viral marketing, but also to seek out, identify, and recruit top-talent candidates. The internet provides a vast web-work of professional connections and networks. The key is know which social utilities are worth your time, and then know how exactly to use them for the intended purpose. At first glance, this may seem easy enough, but the levels of complexities in certain social media utilities create a range of dos and don’ts that few are entirely familiar with. For this reason, we are starting to see social media consulting companies emerging. The reality that many companies are soon going to have to realize is that social media consulting will likely become not only a necessary but a much-needed service.

Happy Halloween!

Nowadays, with money tight for virtually all businesses, make sure to keep in mind that your clients are certainly looking at their bottom line. Yes, services still need to be rendered in the building and design industry, and work is available. Services need to be rendered. When selling your firm’s services, keep in mind that selling savings, especially now, can help to bring in work as much as, if not more than, selling simply your services. Run a tight ship, be strict with budgeting, be money savvy and economical, and show your client reasons why hiring your firm will save them money. Focus on selling savings, and you’ll go a long way selling your services.

This year at the NeoCon 2009, GCA International was featured in the primary presentation as one of the leading sources for the best and latest information in the world of green building and sustainable design. For more information on NeoCon click here.

Doug Gehley, AIA, LEED AP, has been hired as vice president and new studio leader. With more than 30 years management experience in the architecture/construction industry, he will serve as the studio’s leader of sustainable design and will also manage the firm’s educational architecture projects. He most recently provided project management of two new high schools in Loudoun County. Burt Jackson, CDT, has also been hired as project manager. With more than 25 years experience in architecture and construction management, Burt is currently working on the Loudoun County Public School Project focusing on construction contract administration and client relations efforts.  Posted in Washington Business Journal.

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