Nowadays, with money tight for virtually all businesses, make sure to keep in mind that your clients are certainly looking at their bottom line. Yes, services still need to be rendered in the building and design industry, and work is available. Services need to be rendered. When selling your firm’s services, keep in mind that selling savings, especially now, can help to bring in work as much as, if not more than, selling simply your services. Run a tight ship, be strict with budgeting, be money savvy and economical, and show your client reasons why hiring your firm will save them money. Focus on selling savings, and you’ll go a long way selling your services.

This year at the NeoCon 2009, GCA International was featured in the primary presentation as one of the leading sources for the best and latest information in the world of green building and sustainable design. For more information on NeoCon click here.

Candidate has 7 years of professional experience in mechanical engineering, focused on HVAC, building systems design, plumbing, and fire protection engineering. He works in close coordination with electrical engineers, architects, and owners. Recently became a LEED Accredited Professional. Diverse project experience, including commercial, large-scale residential, educational, governmental, and some healthcare work as well. Open to relocation. Base salary is at $75K.

For more information on this candidate, please contact Tim Johnson at tjohnson [AT], or at 978-785-8213.

It seems to happen year after year, regardless of what the economy looks like: when summer gradually comes to a close, recruiting results tend to rise. Many employees have now enjoyed their summer vacations, are returning from long-planned trips, kids are soon heading back to school, the hustle of summer fades into the ease of autumn, and with all this, prospective candidates are far more open to explore new career opportunities. Now is the time for hiring firms to take advantage (as many competitors surely are) of this year-after-year change in the recruiting tide. Actively recruiting and retaining new employees now means having those new hires trained and fully functional well before the holiday season.

Two years of experience in structural engineering. Contributed to the design of multiple new construction projects seeking LEED certification.  Familiar with the structural impact of sustainable building elements including: high volume fly ash concrete, high recycled content & regional materials, and under-floor ventilation systems.  Prepared calculations and drawings for government entities including the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Performed site visits to verify conformance of construction with contract documents. Conducted analysis on the gravity and lateral systems of two concrete buildings over 600 ft. tall Received formal recognition for “Outstanding Work and Dedication” in July 2008.  Open to opportunities in New York and Chicago.  Base salary at $60k.

For more information on this candidate, please contact Frank Rivelli at frivelli[AT] or at 978-582-3256 ext.23.

Cut back on disposable items such as cups, plates, utensils, and other freebies given to your employees, who can then bring in reusable mugs and utensils instead. Promote this as implementation of greener practices as well as a cost-cutting initiative, and your employees will appreciate the change.

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