Our Firm

We are a leading executive search firm with special attention to and appreciation for green building and sustainable design. We are expert executive search consultants in the building and design industry. Our staff of specialist recruiters has successfully executed a variety of high priority searches, filling key positions for an array of clients in the professional fields of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and beyond. Our recruiting process is unique. Our consulting services are thorough and complete. We will reveal the top-talent candidates not found through conventional recruiting methods. We exist to provide the solution to crucial hiring needs.

We are always accessible. For inquires and to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us via any mode, a phone call, fax, or an email. Our main phone line is also our fax number, as we use a paperless fax system: 508-244-2352. You can reach us via email at info [AT] gcaintl.com, or contact our President directly. Specific contact information can be found by visiting our People section. To learn more about our specific consulting services, visit our Services page.

Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers that we hope you will find helpful.


How does GCA work in green building and design?

We at GCA International look to help the green movement as best we can, understanding the growing need – and, in many cases, the critical requirement – for top-talent professionals who have an understanding of the importance of green building and sustainable design practices within the A/E industry.

Does that mean you only conduct searches for LEED accredited professionals?

No. We conduct searches for an array of architects and engineers, landscape architects and interior designers, with a variety of professional registration and educational backgrounds. Our staff of skilled recruiters has placed professionals at all corners of the building and design industry, from EITs and PEs, registered professional members of AIA and ASLA, and LEED accredited professionals.

How do you go about finding the right candidates? Do you use open advertising or job boards?

We do not use open advertising or job boards to identify and recruit candidates. The best candidates are typically not found on job boards, and will not readily respond to open advertisements. Placing a job ad in the newspaper or searching through Monster might get you a whole slew of resumes, but probably won’t uncover the exact right person for that key hire essential to your firm. We’ve found that the top-notch candidates are the ones gainfully employed, the individuals who aren’t actively seeking new employment, but when approached in the proper way by the right people, will thoughtfully pursue new opportunities for positive career development. These candidates are the ones who bring the most to the table, and are the ones who dedicate themselves long-term. These are the candidates we work with. Finding these candidates requires extensive research, utilizing our professional networks and long lists of industry contacts, word-of-mouth referrals, follow-ups, and focused targeted sourcing.

How long does your search process take?

We’ve filled senior-level searches in as little as sixty days. Generally speaking, however, that is not the norm. Some searches that seek out precise executive-level professionals for strategic hires can take up to six months or more. Search durations range due to a number of factors, including the level of the position, the specificity of the requirements and qualifications, location, and so on. We will always discuss these factors with clients at the start of every search, to set forth a time-line and stick to it. We aim to fill our searches within ninety to one-hundred-and-twenty days, which usually is the norm.

What are your guarantees?

Whether a search takes sixty days or six months, we will continue to work with our clients until the position is filled. We work with an honest approach. One thing that many search firms won’t tell you is the fact that not all searches are fill-able. Before the start of every search, we conduct research to determine search feasibility. If we determine that a search is not likely fill-able, we will work with clients to carefully redefine parameters of the search to ensure that the right person is in the right position to get the job done. Additionally, if a candidate leaves the position within our guaranteed time period, GCA International will conduce a replacement search free of charge.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us at info [AT] gcaintl.com or at 508-244-2352 We look forward to hearing from you!