Executive Search

We offer thorough recruiting services to the building and design industry, with skilled and focused attention to architectural and engineering niche markets. Our staff at GCA International is equipped to conduct searches for a range of A/E professionals, including design engineers and architects, project managers, principals, vice presidents, presidents, and C-level officers. We at GCA International are experienced in the execution of searches within a variety of industry facets, such as civil, structural, environmental, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering, with architectural searches in healthcare, science & technology, K-12, multi-unit, residential, high-rise, commercial, and governmental market sectors, as well as landscape architecture and interior design.

Our recruiting and consulting services include:

Research and Sourcing

We review appropriate target firms, companies that perform work similar to a client, for extensive focused sourcing. We will not use job boards or open advertisements to identify prospects. Organizing a complete list of target firms, and utilizing our professional networks and industry contacts, we conduct focused sourcing to compile an extensive list of prospective candidates, develop leads, and obtain referrals.

Active Recruiting

During our recruiting process, we appropriately contact all identified prospective candidates, confidentially and on the behalf of our client, discreetly introducing the opportunity so as to pique candidate interest and truly sell the opportunity. We will be directly reaching out to gainfully employed candidates, those top-talent individuals who most likely will not be actively seeking employment. Our process includes continous follow-up with candidates as is appropriate, oftentimes outside of typical business hours, whatever is necessary. Serving clients, we act as liaison between hiring firms and candidates, eventually opening dialogue between our clients and recruits who are both qualified and interested.

Recruit Reports

We only present qualified candidates who meet the specifications of the search. Complete Recruit Reports are presented at the request of a client on all well qualified and seriously interested candidates. Each recruit report will contain extensive information on the candidate.

Weekly Updates

We keep in close touch with all clients throughout all searches, providing regular updates on progress and planning to review progress and challenges, schedules and goals, to ensure attention to time sensitivity and maximum efficiency.

Liaison Client and Candidate Consultation

When a candidate is introduced to a client and dialogue between the two has begun, we continue to serve as a liaison, and provide complete consultation on behalf of the client, including the scheduling of interviews, follow-ups with the collection and sharing of feedback, and, at the request of a client, oversight of the offer process to best provide for a mutually favorable acceptance.

Concluding Report

At the conclusion of every search, we write a complete report listing all candidates identified and contacted, with detailed notes on each prospect, as well as contact information.

Please feel free to contact us for greater details on our search process and consulting services, including scheduling, search specificity, and fee structures. Contact us at info [AT] gcaintl.com, or give us a call at 508-244-2352.